A Sonic Journey Through Time

Welcome to the rhythmic world of Bucket Drumming Experience – an engaging and versatile activity suitable for corporate events, schools, and educational programs. Whether you’re looking to foster teamwork, boost morale, or add an interactive element to your educational curriculum, our Bucket Drumming Experience is a dynamic choice that resonates with all ages.
About Bucket Drumming Experience:

Vinyl Records Booth

Dive into the rich warmth of analog sound as you navigate through a curated selection of timeless vinyl records. Experience the nostalgia of classic tracks and discover the iconic artists who shaped music history.

CD Player Booth

Travel through the era of compact discs, where the digital revolution transformed the way we listen to music. Engage with the tactile experience of handling CDs and relive the excitement of the music industry’s evolution.

Cassette Player Booth

Rewind to the era of cassette tapes, capturing the essence of mixtapes and portable music. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of cassette technology, experiencing firsthand the quirks and charms of this iconic format.

iPad Booth (Spotify, iTunes)

Embrace the modern era of music streaming with our iPad booth. Connect with the latest hits on Spotify or explore the vast catalog of iTunes. This booth seamlessly bridges the gap between the past and present, offering a contemporary twist to the musical journey.


Collaboration with Technocopia

The creation and construction of these music booths were a collaborative effort with the skilled crew at Technocopia. This partnership ensured the integration of innovative technology and artistic design, resulting in a truly immersive and educational experience for our audience.

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