Mobile Play Ground

Mobile little Monano:

As your child grows, so do the possibilities for artistic exploration. In addition to the activities offered in Mobile Mini Monano, Mobile Little Monano introduces exciting new options:
● Crafts: Unleash creativity with painting activities like giant cardboard ice cream, giant
cardboard donuts, and wooden wands.
● Magical Potions: Stir up some enchantment with our magical potions station.
● Tote Bags: Customize tote bags with patches, paint, and Posca markers.
● Sticker World: Dive into a world of stickers and create your own sticker masterpiece.
● Pouch Bags: Design and decorate your own pouch bags.
● Paper Lanterns: Illuminate the artistic journey with personalized paper lanterns.
● Wooden Maracas or Musical Instruments: Make some noise with our selection of
wooden maracas and other musical instruments.

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