Monano Art is a non-profit organization committed to fostering creativity, imagination, and
community empowerment through expressive arts in Massachusett



At Monano Art, we envision a Massachusetts where the transformative power of expressive arts is harnessed to inspire, connect, and empower communities. Through the universal
language of art, we aspire to create a vibrant and inclusive society where creativity flourishes, imaginations soar, and individuals are united in the pursuit of shared dreams.



Monano Art is dedicated to cultivating a thriving ecosystem of creativity, imagination, and community empowerment through expressive arts in Massachusetts. Our mission is to
provide accessible and enriching artistic experiences that transcend boundaries, fostering personal growth, social cohesion, and positive change. By championing the arts, we aim to
empower individuals of all backgrounds to discover, express, and celebrate their unique voices, contributing to a more harmonious and interconnected community. Through collaborative initiatives, educational programs, and community engagement, Monano Art is
committed to being a catalyst for positive transformation and a beacon of inspiration in the cultural landscape of Massachusetts.



«Monano» is a fictional character from a festive kid’s folk song that Claudia learned from an
indigenous girl named Lucila. The song describes Monano as a little monster or ghost that
goes to the garden to pick up flowers and parsley. The lyrics suggest a mix of spooky, funny,
and folky elements, creating a whimsical and imaginative story.
«Monano, Monano, Monano no está aquí
se fué al jardín, a coger las flores de Mayo y de Abril,
Y quien es ese bulto que anda por ahi?,
De dia y de noche no deja ni dormir
–ponche de noche
Masato Cutipado–
Daremos media vuelta por el perejil
a ver si el Monano puede revivir

Jack Bastante

Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Jack Bastante, Co-Owner of our non-profit, is a visionary leader with extensive experience in music as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. His background as a live performer has deepened his understanding of music’s ability to connect and inspire. Additionally, Jack is trained in art therapy, bringing a unique blend of creativity and therapeutic insight to team building. As COO, he ensures the smooth execution of our mission, combining his passion for the arts with effective leadership to drive positive community impact.

Claudia Bastante

Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Meet Claudia Bastante, our organization’s visionary CEO, whose artistic talent and managerial acumen drive our mission forward. With a background in art consultancy, Claudia understands the transformative power of art in healing and community connection. Her dedication to nurturing creativity in young minds is evident from her work with youth in Expressive Healing Arts programs. Currently serving as Program Manager for EforAll Greater Worcester, Claudia continues to lead in community development. As CEO, she ensures our mission of bringing expressive arts to enrich lives is fulfilled. Under Claudia’s leadership, we’re poised to make a lasting impact, creating a brighter, more connected future through creativity and healing.

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